Ø     SEO Training Course Institute 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course Institute for people in Mumbai which can assure you to achieve all your SEO & internet marketing goals. Search engine optimization is the procedure of bringing a website to higher ranking or on 1st page on search engine results when a user search with a keyword. Online business is growing. Every company is now using online marketing to generate online business. Directly or indirectly every company need SEO expert. Our SEO training will provide a training that every company will like to work with you.

Scope of SEO Training

·    Our SEO guidance can make you an SEO expert & you can get hired by any reputed SEO company.

·    Thousands of companies need a permanent SEO employee.

·     You can start your own company or start freelancing & work for your own clients. One single client can earn you $200 to $1000 per month.

·     Our SEO training course can make you an expert in internet marketing where you can earn big money.

 Basics for SEO

·         What is Domain

·         Basic Knowledge of World Wide Web

·         Difference between Portal and Search Engines

·         What is SEO

·         Types of SEO Techniques

·         Black hat techniques

·         White Hat techniques

·         How Search Engine works


SEO Research & Analysis

·         Market Research

·         Keyword Research and Analysis

·         Keyword opportunity

·         Competitors Website Analysis

·         How to Choose Best Keywords

·         Tools available for Keyword Research

Website Design SEO Guidelines

·         Content Research

·         Content Guidelines

·         Content Optimization

·         Design & Layout

·         XML Sitemap / URL List Sitemap

 On-page Optimization

·         The Page Title

·         Meta Title ,Descriptions & Meta Keywords

·         Headings

·         Bold Text

·         Domain Names & Suggestions

·         Canonical Tag

·         Meta Tags

·         Images and Alt Text

·         Internal Link Building

·         The Sitemap

·         Server and Hosting Check

·         Robots Meta Tag

·         301 Redirects

·         404 Error

·         Duplicate content

Off-page Optimization

·         Page Rank

·         Link Popularity

·         Link Building in Detail

·         Directory Submission

·         Social Bookmark Submission

·         Blog Submission

·         Articles

·         Links Exchange

·         Posting to Forums

·         Submission to Search Engine

·         RSS Feeds Submissions

·         Press Release Submissions

·         Forum Link Building

·         Competitor Link Analysis


·         Google Analytics

·         Installing Google Analytics

·         How to Study Google Analytics

·         How Google Analytics can Help SEO

·         Advanced Reporting

·         Website Analysis using various SEO Tools available

 SEO Tools

·         Keyword Density Analyzer Tools

·         Google Tools

·         Seo ranking checker tool

·         Seo score checker tool

·         Comparison Tools

·         Link Popularity Tools

·         Search Engines Tools

·         Site Tools

 SEO Reporting

·         Google analysis

·         Tracking and Reporting

·         Reports Submission

·         Securing Ranks