Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking is a 6 months diploma course offered by Vissicomp. It covers topics like Computer Hardware Maintenance, Operating Systems and so forth. Below is the revsied course content for Hardware and Networking offered at Vissicomp.

Duration: 6 months, 90 hours

Course Content:

Computer Hardware Maintenance

PC Architecture

Motherboard, CPUs, RAM  and SMPS

Different kind of Storage

Display Cards, Add-on-Cards

Memory System in computer



Building a CPU / Computer Assembling

Upgrading PC Components

Network cable crimping

Optimizing PC performance, Preventive Maintenance, and Safety

H/W Troubleshooting

Operating Systems

Introduction to Operating Systems

Major OS architectures

Installing and Upgrading your OS (Windows)

Intalling Application s/w's

Using the Microsoft Operating System GUI

Customize Desktop

Task Bar and Start menu Properties

Disk Management

Window Networking

Networking Fundamental

System Properties, System Tools, Control Panel, Computer Manage

Increase PC performance

Fix Virus infected PC

Windows Diagnostics and Troubleshooting


Installation & Configuration of Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP

TCP/IP Protocol

Workgroup and Domain / Server and Client

Installation of network Printer

IP Address and Subnet mask

Installing, Configuring & managing Active Directory Services (ADS)

Installing, Configuring & managing DNS and DHCP

Installing, Configuring & managing File Server

Connecting client computers to a Domain Controller

Map Network Drive

Creating and Managing User and Groups

Sharing and Security Permissions

Creating and managing OU and Group Policy Permissions

Different Types of Backup

Remote Desktop

Additional Features

Hands on practical experience of Troubleshooting

Interview questions and preparation for an interview

Personality development

Group discussions

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