Graphing Scientific Calculator


In this project you will learn about embedded system application development by building your own graphing scientific calculator.

You will implement the graphing scientific calculator using the EduARM development board and prime framework (suite of software libraries).

The calculator will support various functions similar to a basic scientific calculator such as: basic arithmetic, square root, percentage, inverse, power, factorial, logarithmic, exponential & trigonometric.

Using this graphing scientific calculator you will also be able to plot the following types of graphs: trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, inverse & polynomial.

What you will learn?

  • Embedded C project design
  • Embedded UI Design
  • Efficient use of Data Structures
  • Working with shell, make & scripts
  • How a computer solves algebraic equations

Project Kit

EduARM Kit

If you want to start building embedded multimedia applications right away without having to search for individual components then EduARM kit is exactly what you need.

It provides you with all the necessary components for multimedia application development in one compact kit.