Vissicomp technology offers Hardware,Networking,Media Graphics and Animation Course in Mumbai for make career in computer engineering.


1.  YCMOU Hardware and Networking

2.  YCMOU B.Sc (Media Graphics and Animation)




Diploma in HARDWARE AND NETWORKING offered byYashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) isa 6 months course designed for 10+2 students. The course covers topics of Digital Computer Electronics, Computer hardware maintenance, operating systems and networking technologies. Below is the revised course content for the above mentioned course.  We, at Visicomp, provide coaching for below mentioned subjects.    

Computer hardware maintenance   

  •       PC architecture
  •       Motherboard CPU’s, RAM and SMP’s 
  •       Different kind of storage
  •       Display cards, Add-on-Cards
  •       Memory system in computer
  •       Printers
  •       BIOS ( settings )
  •       Building a CPU/ Computer Assembling
  •       Upgrading PC components
  •       Network cable crimping
  •       Optimizing Pc performance, preventive maintenance and                          safety
  •       Hardware troubleshooting


Digital Computer Electronics

  •       Number systems
  •       Logic gates
  •       Logic families: TTL and CMOS
  •       Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh Maps
  •       Logic Units
  •       Flip Flops
  •       Registers and Counters
  •       Memories
  •       Computer Organization

Operating systems

  •       Introduction to Operating systems
  •       Major OS architectures
  •       Installing and Upgrading your OS(Windows)
  •       Installing Application Software’s (MS office, Antivirus,                               CorelDraw,    AutoCad, etc.
  •       Using the Microsoft operating system GUI.
  •       Customize desktop
  •       Task bar and start menu properties
  •       Disk management
  •       Windows networking
  •       Networking fundamentals
  •       System properties, system tools, control panel, computer                          manage
  •       Windows diagnostics and trouble shooting

Networking technologies

  •       Introduction to operating systems
  •       Using the Microsoft Operating System GUI
  •       Major OS architectures
  •       Installing and upgrading your OS(Windows/Linux)
  •       Hardware Installation
  •       Windows Networking
  •       Windows Optimization
  •       Windows Diagnostics and Troubleshooting



YCMOU B.Sc (Media Graphics and Animation)

YCMOU B.Sc (Media Graphics and Animation)


Duration 3 years

B.Sc.  (Media Graphics and Animation) is a three year degree course offered by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. Degree enables specialized training in the field of Corporate Graphics and Advertising.  Below is the course content for B.Sc.  (Media Graphics and Animation) offered by YCMOU.   We, at Visicomp, provide coaching for below mentioned subjects.    


First Year     

Second Year

Third Year

Introduction to Computers & Internet (Th)

Introduction to Web Development

Animation Techniques and Types

Drawing and Sketching (Th)


Character and Background Design

Color theory (Th)

Computer Animation : Introduction to Flash

Script Writing for Animation Films

Typography (Th)

Content Digitization

Working on Flash

Computer Graphics
Part1: Adobe Photoshop

( Th+Pr )

Content Authoring on Web using Macromedia Dreamweaver (Th+Pr)

Introduction to 3D World

Computer Graphics Part2: Adobe Photoshop ( Th+Pr )

Developing Dynamic Web pages using Java and VB scripts

Learning 3D Max

Technical and Creative Writing (Th)

Video-Production Basics

Learning Advance 3D Max

Introduction to Multimedia and its Application (Th)

Story Boarding

Learning Maya

Developing Presentations ( Th)

Visual Communication

Project Work

Design Principles (Th)

Audio-Editing: Sound Forge

Environment Science

Print Media Part 1: Coral Draw ( Th+ Pr)

Video-Editing: Adobe Premier


Print Media Part 2: Quark Express ( Th+ Pr)

Advance Video Effects